Hating the Truth

A beautiful poem.

Source of Inspiration

blind to truth

We hate the truth
for whatever we love
in its place. We cling to
invalid beliefs because
we can not bear the idea
that we have been fooled,
that all we believe was a lie.

Without the lie, who are
we? Like a house of cards,
our existance collapses in
the rubble of trickery. We are
left exposed, battered, unsure.

When truth benefits us, we
love it. When it rebukes,
we hate it but, in the end,
truth is all we have.

We are so set in our minds as
to what exists and what
doesn´t, that we leave not
room to explore the possibilities
that are all around. Blind fools
are we to the layers of life.

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~ by dobriensd on July 4, 2013.

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